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This page explains the support tools and channels

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Information and support is available via following channels:

  • This Support Wiki will give you an overview and explain how to use the booking system in detail.
    • In the How to... section you can find instructions how to use common functionalities.
    • You can use the search function to find information.
    • Watch tutorial Videos.
  • Our Setup Wizards guide you through the setup process and are an easy way to get familiar with functionalities.
  • The control has a context sensitive help system which explains each setting and help for each page.
  • Browse the Beds24 Forumfor ideas and solutions.
  • When you click on FUNCTIONS in the top left menu you will see links to the menu pages of key features and functions.
  • Browse the Beds24 Forumfor ideas and solutions.
  • We do offer free support on technical issues. You can contact us via the SUPPORT area in the control panel.

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